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We've been around since 1992 and have subscribers from all over the United States and Canada. 

We have a database (a collection of information) that consists of over 100,000 Labrador Retrievers from Field, Bench and Hunting stock.  People use this site for Breeding Research, Pedigree Research and Performance Research and lots of other stuff.

We encourage subscribers to add and update dog information. Breeders, trainers and dog enthusiasts are pooling resources to make the database even better. It is a place where people come together to share information and learn more about the dogs they love and admire most.

We help dog enthusiasts, owners and breeders to better understand the bloodlines and other important information behind the dogs that are of greatest interest to them.

They come with questions such as:

"Who should I breed my dog to?"

"Who is producing the winning dogs and who are they bred to?"

"What are the bloodlines of the most famous dogs? How much inbreeding was in these dogs?"

"Who are the top competitors?"

In our Field Trial Information section, you can view National Champions and High Point dogs. You can even sort Open and Amateur dogs by, yearly points, lifetime points or sort by points per start. (Generally, not much is known about points per start, however, some dogs have a much better average than others, you just don't hear about it!)

GoodDogInfo helps enthusiasts to quickly identify dogs and their progeny that have achieved great success. Breeders often look to GoodDogInfo to help identify Sires that they determined to have the highest potential of producing offspring that might win competitions. Others simply want to create custom queries that produces information such as who are all the titled retrievers from Texas? Or, who are the titled, living, retrievers that have produced titled offspring?

Because people spend so much time and effort (and money) on their dogs, they want to find dogs they believe will have the highest potential for success. And GoodDogInfo can help you do that.

Want to learn more about the lineage of the dogs you're most interested in? Want help finding a sire to breed to? Looking for a new puppy or started dog? GoodDogInfo is a great place to start!

We hope you enjoy this site!

 The premier website for researching everything you want to know about well-bred dogs.